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We offer quality logistics solutions, creating value through innovative and sustainable projects.

Our destiny is to have no borders: it is to shorten distances, connect companies to new businesses and customers, and connect people to their dreams.

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Our fleet is made up of 27 pushers and more than 300 barges, carries the continent’s riches over rivers and regional waters: the best solution for transporting commodities quickly and sustainably. We operate cargo transshipment terminals and various port terminals for the export and import of products in South America. We use the navigable potential of the coast of the continent for transportation between ports, with customizable solutions and using our own assets. To meet the needs of our customers, we combine two or more services, seeking the best solution for each business or context.
The main logistic corridors operated by the Company:
  • North Corridor: Has established itself as the best option for the flow of production in Brazil’s Midwest region and continues to expand every year. The Arco Norte (Northern Arc) ports continued to be the main logistics option for shipping grain originating in Mato Grosso, and accounts for 51% of the total volume exported in the year. Hidrovias do Brasil is present in Arco Norte with the best structure for meeting its customers’ demand.
  • South Corridor:  Connects 4 countries: Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina, transporting grain, fertilizers, iron ore and pulp, in addition to port procedures. We also have two joint ventures in port terminals: Grain port operation in Montevideo, Uruguay (TGM) and Solid bulk port operation in the Concepción region, Paraguay (Baden).
  • Coastal Shipping: The fluvial system formed by the Trombetas, Tapajós and Amazonas rivers also facilitates the outflow of bauxite produced in the North of Brazil. Today, we perform coastal shipping operations both for long-term contracts and for specific demands (one-off negotiations). We develop customized projects to serve each client, with a dedicated team and the possibility of using our own assets and innovative solutions for each type of need.
  • Santos:We receive, store and ship solid mineral bulk (fertilizers and salt) from the STS20 area of ​​the Port of Santos, the largest in South America, which contributes to connecting and developing the entire region. Our operation will have a preliminary capacity of 1.5 million tonnes of cargo per year, starting in 2022, and will gradually increase to 2.75 million tonnes/year.

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